Thursday, August 21, 2008


The real meaning of "No Long Thing" is "No stress, no problems, no worries, no story". As we must understand that there are many Long Things in software development industry today, because we have different kinds of heads sticking themselves or portraying themselves as pragmatic developers. The real voice of software development evangelists are not heard, because the so called un-pragmatic developers (I will say the level zero developers) filled the air. They can use their mouth to make a rocket.

We are not making it easier for the whole world to believe in software anymore, because we are not practicing our software religion as it used to be in the better old days. Software development has a religion is becoming un-practiced by most developers, and this has lead to the numbers of incompetent analysts, developers, architects, engineers in the industry. Software development is not meant for people who are not pragmatic. It is not a piece of cake neither is it yam.

Recently i have been lazying around with many stuffs. I normally set targets for myself and i see myself through the targets. That means that i am very proactive and hard working and a very religious software developer. Recently i have been a bit lazy, which is very unusual in my daily practice,. I think i have been allowing myself to indulge in many lazy activities.

First of all, the following will help software developers to be more positive minded about their daily activities :

1] Be a pragmatic developer. Always keep up with current trend in your area of interest.
2] Contribute to technical forums. No man is an island of knowledge, so share and learn.
3] API are becoming too complex, keep learning there is no end to learning.
4] Experience is the best teacher. Go after it.
5] Don't be a talker, be a doer.
6] Never be negative about deliverables.
7] Criticize the code not the developer .
8] Dont panic.
9] Discover your unconscious knowledge (Knowledge we dont know we have).
10] Keep a blog post for yourself (Such as this one).
11] Contribute to open source projects.
12] Ask the Why? What? When? and How? questions all the time. (Cos you are not a loser).
13] Communicate techs stuffs to non techs.
14] Be proactive and a good team player. (I mean participate to achieve end result not delay the result).
15] Be a ego less programmer. (You are not your code).
16] Never get lazy. Software development has no end.

The list above is a short form of the original list of practices, if you do not want Long Things in your daily life as a software developer. A dedicated software developer see beyond what others can see. They are the ones that knows about memory heap, the ones that likes programming in ILAsm or/and very low level. They are the ones to innovate a new concept/ideas into the industry, they are passionate about technology, they are the evangelists.

They contribute to open source, they are very religious and are confident about the part they have chosen. They leave a mark on every project they take part.

To be a very religious software developer/ analyst etc. You need to start considering the above list for a start.

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