Friday, August 15, 2008

Software Development: Creativitity Comes First.

When i was a little boy, i used to create robots that are made out of Pen, These robot's were created by joining parts of Bic pen together, forming an iRobot look alike. I used to work my head out since i was small and overly agile (My moral was so high, i do not have anything to worry about), i will sit down for longer hours and think about my inventions or i will improve my latest break through, but its a pity no one had the idea of how far my creativity have gone, even though i was discouraged, the more i tried to stop, the more creative i became (I could'nt help it, its parts and parcel of my entire life, and its the reason why i am here). I cannot imagine my life without analysis, architecting, problem solving, inventions, creativity. Life to me without out those things that i mentioned, will be very boring.

The image below is the prototype look of the iRobot that i used to create when i was very little boy and very inventful.

I became a software developer today not by chance but by what was ordained onto me since i was a little boy, i could remember my first experiment when i was in my mother's womb (he, he, he) reality. Inventions had always been my number one interest since i was a little boy because my mind is filled with curiosity [I always want to know how stuff works] and the fact that i always want to know every bit of functionality in electronic gadgets, game console, TV, wrist watches e.t.c had put me into lot of troubles, because it is either, i was too destructive or too inventive, this attitude actually gave me a name among my peers and also showed me the real side of me and what is coming in the not so far future.

What i did with toys

I remembered Lego toys (The brick toys) and how i would construct different structures with it, i loved playing with my Lego's even when i was older. I also remembered electronic cars and how i will open up their components and remove the rotor (The engine that makes it movable) . I will use that rotor to invent my own version of car, i guess the one from the toy shop wasn't good enough. I remembered trying to create an toy helicopter for 1 good year, i was able to make my helicopter fly and eventually it collapsed by hitting a brick wall (That was the last time i saw it, atleast mission accomplished). I remembered the urge for me to create my own computer games, because of my special interests for games (Since the software inside game is not an electronic, it was difficult to identify the underlying technology, but still i made an attempt using physical elements like my Bic pen and computerised wrist watches. I will explain how i invented that one :

Inventing a Game of Boxing

My curiosity led me into creating a game that i will never forget (The Boxing Game). This game can be played by two players, using the iRobot creatures that i described above, i created two oponents with movable hands that is controlled by players, all sensitive regions of the body (Face, stomach) is connected to one timer. So if you are able to hit your opponent in any sensitive part of the body, you will get a point. The second part of this blog will describe my other escapades during the journey of becoming a software engineer that i am today.

If you share the same thing with me, you can post a comment. Or if you have anthing to say, you can post a comment too. All comments are welcome : Cheers .

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