Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rapid Entity Framework: A new persistent framework

The Object Oriented Paradigm is shifting massively because coupling relational semantics into our fine grained object oriented programming designs is becoming unpopular in todays enterprise needs and domain engineering. Because of this reasons and many more, object oriented platforms is already taking a big quantum leap since the impedance mismatches between OOP and Relational has made programming against relational database an Herculean task for most development efforts.

The industry is filled with many framework's that contribute to this change, and "Rapid Entity Framework" is one out of many that will solve most of the mismatches that we face in the persistence industry today. Rapid Entity Framework is an open source framework that was discovered by a motivation to really solve the divide problem between relational DB and object oriented concepts.

With rapid entity framework, you can think about your business domain rather than columns and rows. Its a wise design efforts to really segregate applications according to their duties, "what they do", this segregation methodologies applied by industry today, should be applied to database and object (Because they are different concept). A database is data centric, and should only contain data and any data manipulation semantics. While on the other hand, an object oriented architecture see object as real life artifacts.

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