Sunday, March 29, 2009

Democratizing Software Development (A Promise from Rosairo) .NET 4.0

Microsoft is making a big change in its .NET suites of technologies. The Visual studio development environment will experience additional functionalities that will make life a sweet one for all of us. An application server code named "Dublin" will be introduced to compliment IIS (Internet Information Service) . WF and WCF will experience another quantum changes, and we will all be happy.

The .NET framework is not left behind, as we will see more API changes like : dynamic (supports for COM interop and dynamic languages), Named parameters, default parameters, BigIntegers, covariance and contra variance of generic list : as IList string will now be equals to IList object , also Code contracts.

Democratizing Software Development Life Cycle

There is now a big quantum leap from programming focused development environment to software life cycle development environment.

In an Agile driven development environment, the key practices there is collaboration, software developers needs to collaborate with architects, testers, project managers and database administrators. This collaborative means ensures that products are delivered on time and risks are noted on time. The collaboration amongst team of professionals already in an agile environment leveraging the .NET platform will be a plus when the new Visual Studio 2010 finally ships.

Use case, activity, architectural diagrams are other integrated features of Rosairo, developers, architects will enjoy new ways of architectural designs because all of this forms parts of the new change in VS 2010.

Ever thought about using test data to validate the efficacy of software solution. There is an added test tool that will ensure a proper scenario based documentation which is useful to application testers.

Black box testing recorder will be integrated into the Visual studio 2010, where testers can interrogate the call stack and record debug sessions for replay later. This gives the developers to watch the replay of the black box when a bug is found.

Let us fold our arms and experience the new changes to the developers number ones platform. Derio to Microsoft, Visual Studio Bomayee!!!

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