Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google is Ready to "GO"

There is a new addition to the Object Object Oriented programming platform , codenamed GO (A new addition and descendant of the C family) by Google. It is said to take advantages of new trends in the software versus hardware community. Go will take advantage of dynamic languages like python, it is said to have an efficient Garbage collection, runtime speed close to C language and full support for multi-core processor from ground up.

Go is blessed with true closures and reflection (Programmers delight to extending the framework). The reasons behind the introduction of GO is that the older languages have failed to include current computing trends like fast programming, expressiveness (Functional), multi-processors, true closures . I personally love the idea of methods/functions returning multiple values. Although i struggle with the return type after the method parameter.

Is Go the future that we all want?

The problems claimed to be solved by Go is already taken care of by mature object oriented programming languages. Go should not be seen as a replacement for C# or Java etc but a language introduced specifically to solve specific computing problems. C# is still in its infants and we have experienced more powerful programming concepts and constructs that Go claims to be a silver bullet for.
Dynamic language integration is already a number one citizen of todays languages, Java has the Rhino (Integrates with JavaScript), and C# 4.0 is coming with the dynamic keyword to solve Com inter op problems and integration with more dynamic language. .NET is a platform that cannot just be thrown away, because it already blends with todays problems and it is constantly being updated to support features required to develop todays application.

What does programmers want?
We want a unified programming platform, we would like to see all object oriented programming languages to have very easy integration and it is not wise to introduce new language to address specific problems. If you are a system integrator and an advance developer, you would realize that bringing platforms together is more fury. We would love to see a bridge across platforms, enough of this chaos.

Will Go Make it?
well, it is still experimental and we are all allowed to contribute to it because its completely free. Go still have a lot of hurdles to pass through like every other new language, it will survive most of this hurdle but if it is focused on the right direction. I personally does not see it as a replacement for any of the more matured and advanced languages.
Share your views. and Go for Go here.

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